Stay Beautiful After Childbirth with These Following Tips !

Sometimes the black spots and pimples often found on the face after childbirth, and various types of skin disorders such as cellulite and pigmentation. The emergence of black spots or pimples are caused by activity of hormones increased during pregnancy, whereas cellulite can be caused by a decrease in the elasticity of skin tissue. Therefore, in order that the health of body and facial skin back to normal as before, it is better to do some various treatment. Here are some of the types and kinds of facial and body skin care after a natural childbirth can be waged, i.e.: 


Consuming traditional herbal medicine specifically reserved for woman who had just postpartum could be one of traditional way to treat the skin naturally. When buying these herbs, usually, it is equipped with a variety of herbs to tighten sagging skin, cellulite or stretch marks. Most herbs can be packed as a drink, or as a scrub, mask or exfoliant.


Applying industry-made cosmetic like cream or scrub for body and face can also be used for postpartum skin care. Use a cream which made from traditional ingredients such as aloe vera or yam. If you are not sure to use industry-made skin care, you can make your own cream or mask. One of traditional ingredients that can be used to scrub the skin, especially in the abdominal area, is a mixture of aloe, eucalyptus oil and lime. The mixture of these natural ingredients is beneficial to restore skin elasticity and disguising the stretch marks scars.

Belly Binder

The use of belly binder essentially useful to train and restore the abdominal muscle strength which was sagging due to the pressure and volume of the fetus and the amniotic when pregnancy. When giving birth, the fetus and amniotic burden that has been 'reborn' will cause the skin and abdominal muscles to be stretched. Belly binder is useful to train and tighten the abdominal muscles and skin sagging, belly binder also prevent the disruption of the reproductive organs such as the uterus due to shocks. The use of belly binder is a method of body skin care postpartum. 


Besides as relaxation, soaking in a bathtub that has been mixed with special herbs such as olive oil, rosemary oil, or even milk is useful to restore skin elasticity, particularly in the abdominal area which have cellulite or stretch marks. Massage the abdominal area, thighs and heels occasionally.

Scrubbing or exofliant.

Lakukan scrubbing atau exofliant pada area perut, paha, tumit ataupun area lain yang mengalami selulit atau pigmentasi. Selulit dan pigmentasi biasa dialami oleh mereka pada masa kehamilan ataupun usai melahirkan. Lakukan scrubbing atau exofliant agar regenerasi sel kulit tubuh dan wajah berjalan optimal sambil dilakukan pemijatan. Lakukan proses exofliant ini menggunakan ampas kopi dan parutan wortel yang telah dicampur menggunakan minyak zaitun ataupun madu. Metode perawatan kulit tubuh dan wajah pasca melahirkan secara alami ini hendaknya dilakukan secara berkala atau periodik untuk mendapatkan manfaat yang optimal.

Consume Vegetables and Fruits

Increase the consumption of vegetables or fruits that contain a lot of vitamin E, vitamin C and collagen. These three types of nutrients are beneficial to improve or restore elasticity and postpartum, skin health. Collagen is beneficial to restore the elasticity of the tissue between the skin, while vitamin E and vitamin C is useful for skin cell regeneration process, allowing cellulite and stretch marks or pigmentation can be improved. Consuming the berries, apples, kiwi and broccoli regularly will accelerate the process of repairing skin tissue. 

Massage and Acupressure

One of the traditional postpartum skin care you can do is massage and acupressure. Do some massage and acupressure with a low or medium pressure and combined with light exercise regularly also beneficial to restore the elasticity of skin tissue which sagging after giving birth.