Q : What is biodegradable formulation?

A : Biodegradable formulation is a composition of ingredients which can be broken down by biological agents, such as bacteria and fungi, or normal environmental processes into basic substances. A product made with biodegradable formulation ensures the natural resources are recycled and keeps the earth clean.

Q : What are the advantages of biodegradable products?
A : Some types of detergent / soap are difficult to be broken down by micro-organism causing environmental pollution. By using biodegradable products, the detergents / soaps completely degrade and are removed from the environment. Therefore, biodegradable products are also called environmentally friendly products.

Q : Are Yuri products biodegeradable?
A : Yes, most of Yuri products (liquid detergents, softeners, shampoos, Handsoaps, etc.) are biodegradable. We use the safest and non-pollutant materials in the formulations.

Q : Are Yuri products packed with recycled materials?
A : Yes, most of the products are bottled or filled in PE, PET materials which are recyclable. Materials such as PVC has been gradually replaced.

Q : Where I can find Yuri’s products?
A : Our products can be found in a wide variety of hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets and traditional retail shops, You can also visit www.yurishop.co if you want to shop online.

Q : Are Yuri’s products containing halal ingredients, especially the toothpaste?
A : Yes, Yuri’s products are all formulated with halal ingredients as well. We are currently in the process of getting HALAL Certification from The Indonesian Council of Ulama. For further information related to our certification, we will publish on our website and social media in the near future.

Q : Can Yuri’s products cause allergy?
A : For certain people, a number of ingredients contained in a product may cause allergic reactions depending on the level of skin sensitivity. Therefore, we would suggest consumers to always read the ingredients label before use. dee-dee

Q : What are the advantages of dee-dee Children Body Wash?
A : dee-dee Children Body Wash is soft and gentle to skin because it is made with natural moisturizer and mild surfactant. It is enriched with Vitamin C and fruits extracts. Furthermore, the fragrances are well liked by children.

Q : Can they be used for babies as well?
A : Yes. However, it is advisable to use baby-dee’s products for baby under 2 years old.

Q : Is dee-dee Children Facial Wash also suitable for adults?
A : Yes, dee-dee Children Facial Wash is made with mild compounds which is suitable for all ages.

Q : What is the difference between dee-dee Children Hair Shampoo with dee-dee Children Shampoo for Long Hair?
A : dee-dee Children Shampoo for Long Hair contains more conditioner so hair remains soft and easily combed.

Q : What age is dee-dee Children Hair Shampoo suitable for?
A : Children from 2 years and above. Dee-dee Children hair Shampoo is also suitable for the whole family use because it is made with mild compound and Ph neutral.

Q : Can dee-dee Children Talcum Powder be used for rash and itch?
A : Yes, it can. dee-dee Children Talcum Powder contains Allantoin – a compound for anti-irritation, anti-rash and moisturizer to soothe skin.

Q : How long is the effectiveness of dee-dee Mosquito Repellent Lotion?
A : 6-8 hours.

Q : What products are manufactured by Evany?
A : Currently, we produce Evany Shower Cream and Evany Facial Wash.

Q : How many variants and size of Evany Shower Cream?
A : There are 4 variants, Milk, Lavender, Rose, and Green Tea. They are available in [700ml] bottle and [500 ml] pouch.

Q : What are the advantages of collagen that contained in Evany Facial Wash?
A : Collagen that contained in Evany Facial Wash can tighten skin, improves skin elasticity and prevents aging and wrinkles.

Q : How to use baby-dee Diaper Cream?
A : Apply the cream sufficiently at the folds of skin and the buttock after a bath or when changing Diapers.

Q : Does baby-dee Body Wash & Shampoo cause eye irritation?
A : No, it does not. Surfactants used in baby-dee Body wash & Shampoo are mild with Ph neutral so it will not irritate to eyes.

Q : How soft is the brush of Yuri Tooth Brush?
A : Yuri Toothbrush is made with soft and yet strong brush from Dupont and effectively cleans the teeth, mouth and gums.

Q : What is the difference between Biosoft and Fabric Care?
A : There is no difference but Biosoft is produced for the local market, while Fabric Care for the international market.

Q : What surfaces can be cleaned using Taf?
A : Taf is a multifunctional cleaner which can be used to clean any surfaces, such as stainless steel, alluminium, chrome, plastic, synthetic leathers, formica, terrazo, vinyl, porcelain, mosaic, ceramics and painted surface. Therefore it can cleans almost all types of surfaces because of its mild abrasive effect and Ph neutral.

Q : How to keep the fragrance of laundry last longer by using Yuri’s products?
A : To keep the fragrance last longer, pick and use the same fragrance of Yuri’s laundry products, ranging from detergent to ironing starch. The ranges are : Romantic Blue, Floral and Lavender

Q : Can Porstex be used to clean closet as well?
A : Yes it can. But we would suggest to use Porstex Kloset which is specially designed to reach the hidden parts for the closet.