Household Cleaner


Yuri Household Cleaners

  • Yuri Aganol®

Yuri Aganol® antibacterial floor cleaner is formulated  to clean and disinfect the flooring of hard surfaces. The formula effectively lifts stubborn dirt and works quickly so you'll have a clean and shiny floor. It is Enhanced with the scent of flowers and herbs that leave instant freshness in your room. Suitable for all hard floor types: marble, terraso, vinyl, wood, plastic, and others.

Available in 5 variants: Lemon Fresh, Floral, Lavender, Morning Fresh with Lemongrass, and Pine Fresh.

Volume : 80 ml, 630 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml, 3000 ml and 3.7 L.


  • Yuri Babysoft®

Yuri Babysoft® is an  antibacterial softener for laundry and is formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients. It is ideal for baby and the whole family wash because Yuri Babysoft® has been tested and certified as a dermatologically safe product. it contains an aroma that will make baby clothes feel fresh throughout the day.

Volume : 410 ml, 1000 ml and 3.7 l.


  • Yuri® Bathroom Cleaner

Yuri® Bathroom Cleaner is  powerful  in cleaning dirt like mould, water stains and soap stains on porcelain/ceramic tiles, shower curtains, bathtubs, toilet bowls, washbasins, plastic/stainless steel, marbles, granites, natural stones, wood and varnish, etc.. It also serves   as  antibacterial and deodorant.

Volume: 410 ml and 500 ml.


  • Yuri Biosoft®

Yuri Biosoft® is a detergent especially formulated for fine clothes such as silk, wool, polyster, fine cotton, etc.  Biosoft® consists of environmentally friendly  fine detergent materials  with  pH balanced that preserves  the texture of the fine clothes and protects  your hands from dryness resulting from frequent washing.

Volume : 250 ml, 375 ml and 3.7 l.


  • Yuri Biosoft® Hijab

Yuri Biosoft® Hijab is a series of laundry care  consisting of 3 products: Detergent + Softener, Fragrance + Softener and Easy Ironing For Fabrics each of which is  formulated with the same  fragrance. Biosoft® Hijab is made from environmentally friendly  and fine materials which are mild on  hands. Biosoft® Hijab has been  passed with ‘HALAL’ certification.

Available in 1 variant: Ocean Fresh.

Detergent + Softener is available in 3 volumes: 40 ml, 630 ml and 900 ml.

Fragrance + Softener is available in 3 volumes: 10 ml, 630 ml and 900 ml.

Easy Ironing For  Fabric consists of 3  volumes: 25 ml (concentrate), 410 ml, 500ml


  • Yuri® Bleach

Yuri® Bleach whitens, removes stains and brightens white cotton clothes. Yuri® Bleach  also  disinfectants bathrooms, serves as bath water and cleans fruits and vegetables. Please check the direction of use carefully.

Available in 2 variants: Lemon Fresh and Morning Fresh.

Volume : 1000 ml and 3.7 L.


  • Yuri® Fabric Care

Yuri® Fabric Care is a detergent especially formulated for fine clothes such as silk, wool, polyster, fine cotton, etc. Yuri® Fabric Care consists of environmentally friendly  and fine materials  with  pH balanced that preserves  the texture of the fine clothes and protects  your hands from dryness resulting from frequent washing.

Volume : 375 ml and 1000 ml.


  • Yuri® Foaming Glass Cleaner

Yuri® Foaming Glass Cleaner cleans surfaces such as glass, mirrors, ceramic plastics, porcelain, wood, stone and stainless steel  with 4 features : Streak Free Shine, Cuts Grease & Oily Residue, Removes Dust, Dirt & Finger Marks, Free From Ammonia Smell.

Available in  3 variants: Fresh Blue, Lemon Fresh and Fresh Lilac.

Volume : 410 ml, 500 ml Foam Sprayer, 500 ml refill and 3.7 L.


  • Yuri® Hand Gel

Yuri® Hand Gel cleans and kills germs effectively . The moisturizer contained in Yuri® Hand Gel  helps prevents dryness of  your hands.

available in 2 variants: Green Tea and Strawberry.

Volume : 30 ml.


  • Yuri® Hand Soap

Yuri® Hand Soap  contains extracts of fruits that effectively clean your hands and at the same time moisturizes with fresh fruity fragrances.

Available in 5 variants: Apple, Orange, Grape, Lemon, Strawberry.

Volume : 375 ml, 410 ml Pump, 410 ml refill and 3.7 L


  • Yuri® Hand Soap Foaming

Yuri® foaming  Antibacterial hand Soap with its luxurious foam cleans your hands so easily without making them dry or irritating. Enriched with the aroma of green tea and refreshing flowers ,Vitamin E and environmentally friendly ingredients, Yuri® Hand Soap Foaming  is an ideal choice for daily use hand soap.

Available in 3 variants: Green Tea, Rose and Lavender.

Volume: 375 ml and 410 ml.


  • Yuri Ligent®

Yuri Ligent® is formulated with effective cleaning power to remove and dissolve grime and fats from your kitchen utensils thoroughly without leaving any smell at all.

Available in  3 variants: Lime, Grapefruit and Lemon.

Volume: 80 ml, 180 ml, 600 ml, 630 ml, 1000ml and 3.7 L.


  • Yuri Lysorin®

Yuri Lysorin®  disinfectant  is effective for killing germs, viruses and fungi. Yuri Lysorin®  can be used for cleaning any hard surfaces and  floors, especially in public places such as hospitals, offices, cinemas, even animal cages and ditches.

Volume : 630 ml, 1000 ml and 3.7 L.


  • Yuri-matic® Laundry Liquid Detergent

Yuri-matic® Laundry Liquid Detergent  is formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients  to clean your laundry  from tough dirt and at the same time eliminating sweat smell. Yuri-matic® Laundry Liquid Detergent is also equipped with antibacterial agent to kill germs effectively, anti-redeposition agent to prevent  dirt from redeposit back to the clothing fibers and  anti-dust mites property which effectively eliminate the causes of allergies and eczema.

Luxuriously scented  Yuri-matic® leaves your wash more longer lasting in freshness. Its environmentally friendly formulation has been certified by the Green Label Singapore.

It has 3 variants: Romantic Blue, Floral and Lavender.

Weight : 80 g (Tough Stain), 630 g, 1 kg, 1.8 kg, 2.8 kg, and 3.7 L.


  • Yuri Porstex® Porcelain & Ceramic Cleaner

Yuri Porstex® is a powerful cleaning fluid formulated for removing stubborn stains and germs from porcelain and ceramic surfaces instantly. After applying Yuri Porstex®, the surfaces will become as new as before.  It is mainly  used to clean bathroom tiles, wash basins, bath tubs and floors made of ceramics and porcelains or plastic materialsDo not use on terrasos, marbles, granites, and wooden floors.

Pour a small amount of the liquid on the corner of the surface to be cleaned and check the result.


Available in 2 variants: WL (Blue) and WB (Purple).

Volume : 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml and 3.7 L.


  • Yuri Porstex® Kloset

Yuri Porstex® Kloset toilet bowl cleaner effectively removes stubborn stains, crust and dirt  from the toilet bowl surfaces and at the same time kills germs effectively.  In just a few minutes, the surface of the closet becomes clean and shiny again. The crooked head of the bottle makes it easy to clean the hard-to-reach areas.

Volume : 500 ml.


  • Yuri Porstex® Regular

Yuri Porstex® Regular is formulated as a powerful cleaning fluid for daily use. It  effectively removes stubborn stains from porcelain and ceramic surfaces and kills germs effectively.  Yuri Porstex® Regular is ideal for cleaning any porcelain , ceramic and plastic surfaces. Do not use on terrasos, marbles, granite, and wooden floors.

Pour a small amount of the liquid on the corner of the surface to be cleaned and check the result.

Available in 2  variants: Ocean Blue and Fresh Lilac.

Volume: 700 ml.


  • Yuri-Soft® Concentrate Softener

With just the its half capful , Yuri-Soft® Concentrated Softener  will  give you extra softness and longer lasting freshness. Yuri-Soft® Concentrate Softener’s antibacterial property and environmentally friendly ingredients give an added bonus for a safer and cleaner wash.

Available in 3 variants : Lavender, Floral and Romantic Blue.

Volume : 25 ml, 250 ml, 630 ml and 1000 ml.


  • Yuri-Sol® Natural Pine Disinfectant

Yuri-Sol® Natural Pine Disinfectant is specially formulated with  natural pine oil  to disinfect and germicide  floor surfaces effectively. Yuri-Sol® Natural Pine Disinfectant can boldly overcome the unpleasant odor in areas such as toilets, hospitals, pet cages, gutters  because of the fresh natural aroma of pine oil contained in Yuri-Sol®.

Volume: 500 ml, 630 ml and 1000 ml.


  • Yuri® TAF Non-Scratch Cream Cleanser

Yuri® TAF Non-Scratch Cream Cleanser is  a surface cleaner with mild abrasive materials with PH neutral for cleaning hard surfaces made of  stainless steel, aluminum, chrome plastics, synthetic leather, formica, marble, terraso, vinyl, porcelain, mosaic, ceramic, etc. without leaving scratch marks. Yuri® TAF Non-Scratch Cream Cleanser with its PH neutral property is mild on hands and yet tough on grease and grimes.

Available in  2 variants: Lemon & Lime and Fresh Blue.

Volume : 500 ml and 3.7 lt.


  • Yuri® TAF Kitchen Cleaner

Yuri® TAF Kitchen Cleaner is a cleaner made specifically for kitchen appliances made of stainless steel, formica, ceramic, porcelain, etc .. Yuri® TAF Kitchen Cleaner  effectively removes  oil and dirt without leaving annoying detergent foams. Hence, repeated rinsing can be avoided.

Volume: 375 ml and 500 ml.


  • Yuri® Toothbrush

Yuri® Toothbrush helps you get the best dental care because of its gentle and yet strong brushes.  The brush handle is specially designed to reach up to the very back of adults’ mouth cavity.


  • Yuri TRIL® Ironing Starch

Yuri TRIL® Ironing Starch equips with  ingredients and luxurious scent  that  helps ironing to be easy, tidy and smooth so that the clothes are nicely scented, fresh and tidy throughout the day. It is most suitable for shirts, dresses and linens  made of cotton materials.

Available  in  3 variants: Floral, Lavender and Romantic Blue.

Volume : 410 ml, 500 and 3.7 L.


  • Cap Pohon® Teak Oil Wood Care

Teak Oil Cap Pohon® Wood Care is specially formulated to treat the wooden furniture, such as: teakwood, plywood, board or panel. It keeps the natural color and also enhance the beauty of genuine wood fiber from your furniture. Make sure to coat your wood furniture with Teak Oil Cap Tree® Wood Care periodically.

Volume : 1000 ml, 3.7 L and 20 L.